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OER: How to Create SUPER Slideshows!

I wanted to share a resource I created in collaboration with Kelly Brennan, Instructional Technology Coordinator with Laurentian University and Melanie Amadio, grade six teacher at MacLeod Public School here in Sudbury, Ontario.

Kelly’s daughter and my children attend MacLeod Public School and Kelly and I wanted to volunteer some of our time outside of work to help the teachers with some Instructional Design work. It was a great way to bring what we are practicing in higher education to the K-12 system. The school has iPads and Chromebooks for students to use so we put out a call through the Principal to the teachers if anyone was seeking some help developing online / tech-enabled resources for their classrooms.

Melanie Amadio was one of the first to contact us with great enthusiasm seeking some assistance developing a Google slide show on “how to make effective slideshows/presentations” for her grade six class. She was seeking help with some ideas for fonts, size of text, images, amount of text, using bullet points, colour, content and more.

So through some great collaborative work (in between putting kids to bed lol) Kelly and I got to work developing this resource for Melanie. We decided to include six top tips for “super slideshows” using a superhero-like theme, plus one bonus power!

Thankfully Melanie was very supportive of us sharing this resource openly as an Open Educational Resource (OER) so here it is for educators around the world to adopt / adapt.

Please leave us a comment below if you found this resource helpful!

How to Create Super Slideshows Presentation

Super Slideshow Powers

  • Fantastic Fonts
  • Stupendous Size
  • Terrific Text
  • Cool Colours
  • Glorious Graphics & Videos
  • Sensational Slides
  • *BONUS* Incredible Interactions

“How to Create Super Slideshows!” Credits

By Sarah Wendorf & Kelly Brennan
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Shared: April 2019

Licensed CC BY-NC 4.0

Special thanks to Melanie Amadio, grade six teacher with MacLeod Public School in Sudbury, Ontario for originating this idea for a presentation about effective slideshows and using it with her students.

Slideshow theme from Slides Carnival:


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