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Where am I in the #ExtendmOOC Conversation?

Reflecting on my Twitter experience throughout this mOOC, I’ve found I’ve grown my network and connected with several new folks through #ExtendmOOC. This has really helped me to find new ways of using Twitter as well as reinforcing the existing reasons why I love Twitter.

So I’m going to hijack this Daily #oext323 #oextend with a bit of a different course:

Why do I enjoy using Twitter for education?

Let me count thee ways:

Meet new folks

Connecting with existing folks

Get new ideas

Read other people’s blogs

Find inspiration

Follow and join hashtags

Bounce ideas and suggestions

Invite new ideas in

Share resources

Find new resources

Learn new things

Join communities

Save things I come across


Give recognition

Messaging (better than email)

Events and webinars

Sharing photos

This GIF

3 thoughts on “Where am I in the #ExtendmOOC Conversation?

  1. Oh I’m so happy I get to work with you both IRL and in … digital life? IDL? Wait, isn’t it all IRL?
    I am very happy to work and know you in all forms of life.


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